Welcome to our congregation — its life and activities. North Canberra Baptist Church exists for only one purpose — to make Jesus known and to help us to grow in our understanding of the difference Christ makes in our lives. We live in a world which has become a supermarket of choices in religion and spirituality. Yet much that passes for spirituality today is shallow and self-focussed. In this respect, society was exactly the same 2,000 years ago when Jesus lived on earth. But just as Jesus revolutionised the ancient world, so now his power and grace can renew our hearts, minds and spirits. He can do this because he is the incarnate Son of God, full of God's Spirit.

As Christians we believe that in Christ we all find our purpose for living and our ultimate destiny. God could not have made himself clearer than he did by revealing himself in the person of Jesus. God entered our world so that we might be prepared one day to enter his.

Our church wants to share Jesus with everyone, because his life and words, and his death and resurrection speak into the deepest needs and longings of our hearts and minds. Our aim is to help people grasp something of the bigger picture and to become acquainted with Jesus Christ, who is able to lead us through the complexities and challenges of life.

We invite you to join us.