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23 April 2017

Guest speaker: Paul Gravitis. **** Due to technical problems we apologize for the poor quality of the audio recording. No sermon text. **** Scripture: Psalm 16 ; Luke 24:13-35.
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16 April 2017

2017 East Day sermon. **** Summary: Jesus is bodily raised from the dead and commissions his disciples to mission ; Scripture: Psalm 16 ; Matthew 28:1-20.
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14 April 2017

2017 Good Friday sermon. **** Summary: Jesus is the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53.
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9 April 2017

Summary: Jesus is the Son of God, demonstrated by casting out demons.**** Keywords: Jesus, demons, unclean, pigs, Son of God. Scripture: Psalm 41 ; Matthew 8:28-34.
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2 April 2017

Summary: Discipleship is following Jesus in mission to difficult places through difficult experiences. **** Scripture: Psalm 107:23-32 ; Matthew 8:18-27.
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26 March 2017

Summary: Jesus heals the sick and needy, so proving that he is the Messiah. **** Scripture: Isaiah 53:1-6 ; Matthew 8:1-17.
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19 March 2017

Summary: Baptism is for all who believe in Jesus as Lord and Saviour. **** Scripture: Genesis 8:1-18; 1 Peter 3:8-22
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12 March 2017

Summary: Communion - the Lord's Supper - proclaims the gospel of Christ crucified, with thanksgiving. **** Keywords: Body, Blood, Gospel, Communion, Lord's Supper. **** Scripture: Exodus 12:1-13, 28-30 ; Luke 22:7-30.
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5 March 2017

Summary: We are wise if we do what Jesus says, and fools of we do not do what he says. **** Keywords: Wise, Fool, Moron, Builders, Rock, Sand. **** Scripture: Ezekiel 13:10-16 ; Matthew 7:24-29.
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26 February 2017

Summary: False prophets are identified by bad living, believing, effects - contradicting the Sermon on the Mount. **** Keywords: False prophets, Fruit, Heaven. **** Scripture: Jeremiah 23:25-32 ; Matthew 7:15-23.
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19 February 2017

Summary: there are two gates, one opens to eternal life, the other to destruction. **** Scripture: Proverbs 9:1-6,13-18 ; Matthew 7:13-14.
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12 February 2017

Summary: We pray because God is good to us, and we should do good to all others. **** Keywords: Pray, Ask seek knock, Golden Rule, Law. **** Scripture: Deuteronomy 4: 25-31 ; Matthew 7:7-12.
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