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  • North Canberra Baptist Church

    Welcome Join our regular weekly meetings on Sundays at 10am and 5pm! Our 10am meeting can also be joined on zoom: Join Zoom Meeting (click here) Meeting ID: 844 0479 9411 Passcode: 392535 ​ Dial in on your phone: +61 2 8015 6011 Australia Meeting ID: 844 0479 9411 Passcode: 392535 And you can listen to what we'll be singing each week on your drive in! Christianity Explored Want to find out who is Jesus? And why does Jesus matter? Join us and explore the good news! Saturdays 4pm - 5:30pm What We Believe Our Pastor NCBC Ministries Safe Churches Material Our History

  • About us | North Canberra Baptist Church

    About us Welcome to North Canberra Baptist Church. We meet at 10am each Sunday and exist for only one purpose — to make Jesus known and to help us grow in our understanding of the difference Christ makes in our lives. From the 30th of July, we will start meeting at 5pm on Sundays, in addition to our 10am meeting. ​ As Christians we believe that in Christ we all find our purpose for living and our ultimate destiny. God could not have made himself clearer than he did by revealing himself in the person of Jesus. God entered our world so that we might be prepared one day to enter his. ​ Our church wants to share Jesus with everyone, because his life and words, and his death and resurrection speak into the deepest needs and longings of our hearts and minds. Our aim is to help people grasp something of the bigger picture and to become acquainted with Jesus Christ, who is able to lead us through the complexities and challenges of life. ​ Follow the links below to learn more about us, or this link to see our regular events! ​ We look forward to welcoming you! What We Believe Our Pastor NCBC Ministries Safe Churches Material Our History

  • Growth Groups | NCBC

    Growth Groups Growth Groups At NCBC we have bible study groups called Growth Groups which comprise of members of our congregation. Our Growth Groups meet weekly and read and discuss the passage/s in the Sunday service sermon series. We have groups that meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings, contact us to find a group that suits you! ​ Other Growth Groups Spanish Bible Group: for the Spanish-speakers in our congregation Stump : for uni students and young adults ​ Please contact us for more information! ​

  • Safe Churches Material | North Canberra Baptist Church

    Safe Churches Material North Canberra Baptist Church is committed to protecting the safety of all people within our programs, ministries and events. Regardless of age, gender, race, culture, disability, family or social background, everyone has equal rights to this protection. All people, including children, have the right to be respected, valued and feel emotionally, physically and spiritually safe at all times. Please see the links below to our Safe Churches policies. We have developed these to uphold our commitment and adhere to legislative requirements as a member of the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT . ​ These policies continue to be developed and reviewed by our church, and will be regularly updated on the website. ​ Each file is linked as a downloadable .pdf file. ​ 1. NCBC Church Constitution (668 KB) and Motions in Effect as amended in March 2017 2. Safe Churches Policy (456 KB) - Current as at 16 April 2020 ​ 3. Procedure for Staff and Volunteers (150 KB) - Current as at 16 April 2020 ​ 4. Procedure for Conflict Resolution (120 KB) - Current as at 16 April 2020 ​ 5. Procedure for handling complaints against Staff and Volunteers (137 KB) - Current as at 16 April 2020 ​ 6. Procedure for responding to Child Protection concerns (149 KB) - Current as at 16 April 2020 ​ 7. NCBC Code of Conduct (119 KB) - Current as at 16 April 2020 ​ 8. Safe Church concerns form (112 KB) - Current as at 16 April 2020 ​ 9. Safe Church Team role description (106 KB) - Current as at 16 April 2020 ​ 10. WHS Team role description (130 KB) - Current as at 16 April 2020 ​ 11. Guidelines for activities with children and young people (69 KB) - Current as at 16 April 2020 ​ 12. An Australian Baptist response to Persons of Concern (455 KB) - Current as at 16 April 2020 ​ 13. NCBC Privacy Policy (206 KB)- Current as at 16 June 2020 ​ 14. Useful information for WWVP application/ renewal (83 KB) - Current as at 13 March 2024

  • Sunday School | NCBC

    Acerca de Sprouts: Sunday School During our Sunday service, we have a Sunday School that runs for Primary-aged children. ​ As with all our NCBC ministries, we comply with the Baptist Association Child Safety Standards. ​ Please contact us for more information!

  • Flourish | NCBC

    Flourish Flourish We have a women's bible study group that meets at 3pm-5pm on the 3rd Saturday of every month at church or in one of our ladies' homes ​ Please contact us for more information about joining NCBC for Equip, or any other questions you might have! ​

  • What We Believe | NCBC

    What we believe North Canberra Baptist Church adheres to the Statement of Beliefs commonly held by Baptists - as adopted by the 1979 Assembly and amended by the 2003 Assembly. The Nature and Unity of the Godhead There is one God Who is eternal personal Spirit. He is infinite in power, wisdom, holiness and love. God is Triune in essential being and revealed to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Deity and Humanity of Christ Jesus Christ as the second Person of the Godhead is eternally one with God the Father of whose person and glory Jesus is the accurate expression. To become human He was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, so that two whole and perfect natures, the nature of God and human nature, were united in one Person; truly God and truly human. The Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit as the third Person of the Trinity is eternally one with the Father and the Son yet He is sent by Them to achieve the divine purpose in the world and in the Church. The Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures The Scriptures, consisting of the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments, are the infallible Word of God. They were written by holy people of God inspired by the Holy Spirit and have supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. The Sinfulness of Man People were made in the image of God and for fellowship with God. By transgression of God’s command humankind fell from fellowship with God and their nature was corrupted. As a consequence all people are spiritually dead under Satan’s dominion and control and subject to God’s wrath and condemnation. Therefore, apart from God’s grace, people are helpless and hopeless. Christ’s Atonement for the Sin of Man In order to redeem people from the guilt, penalty and power of sin, Jesus Christ became human and died a sacrificial death as our representative substitute. By His resurrection, God’s acceptance of His atoning death was demonstrated. This atonement is sufficient for the whole world, but effective only in those who receive it. The sinner is justified and reconciled to God, not through any personal merit, but solely on the basis of God’s gracious gift of salvation in Jesus Christ received through faith. The Work of the Holy Spirit in Salvation The ministry of the Holy Spirit is necessary for the acceptance of God’s provision of salvation. The Holy Spirit convinces sinners of their sinfulness, leads them to personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and so brings them to spiritual birth as God’s children and to fellowship in Christ. Working within the life of believers the Holy Spirit makes real the presence of Christ, witnesses to their relationship with God, leads into all truth, bestows gifts for effective service and produces graces for holy living. The Church The Church is the body of people whom God has separated from the world through faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. All regenerate persons are members of the universal Church of God which takes local form wherever groups of believers unite for worship, fellowship and service in accordance with scriptural principles. All believers are called to a priestly ministry in the offering of spiritual sacrifices and sent into the world to be witnesses. God calls individuals to positions of oversight and leadership or to special ministries. The Church recognises such by ordaining pastors, commissioning missionaries, appointing deacons and other leaders, following New Testament practice. The Baptism of Believers Only, by Immersion Baptism is an ordinance of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a public declaration of a person’s faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. In accordance with New Testament Scripture it should be administered only by total immersion which symbolises the believer’s identification with Christ in death, burial and resurrection, the remission of sins and the believer’s dedication of themself to God to live and walk in newness of life. The Communion The Lord’s Supper is an ordinance of the Lord Jesus Christ instituted by Him to be celebrated with the elements of bread and wine by believers in Christ until the end of the age. It commemorates and declares our thanks for the Lord’s substitutionary death. The celebration of the ordinance expresses our fellowship with and in the Lord Jesus Christ as members of the Body of which He is the Head. The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ At the end of this age, according to His promise, Jesus Christ will return personally and visibly in His glory to the earth. The full consummation of the Kingdom of God awaits His return. The Resurrection of the Dead At the end of the age, there is to be a resurrection both of the righteous and the unrighteous. After death people’s bodies return to dust, but their spirits return immediately to God – the righteous to be with Him and the unrighteous to be reserved for the judgement. Rewards and Punishments in a Future State God has appointed a day of final judgement for the world. At that time Jesus Christ will judge every person and each will receive reward or punishment according to their deeds. Those judged righteous, in their resurrected and glorified bodies, will receive their reward and will dwell forever in Heaven with the Lord. The unrighteous will be consigned to Hell, the place of everlasting punishment. What We Believe Our Pastor NCBC Ministries Safe Churches Material Our History

  • Crossroads English | NCBC

    Acerca de Crossroads English Crossroads English is an English language group, run by Crossroads (another local church) in our building on a Wednesday evening. ​ ​ Follow this link to see their information page, or contact us for more details!

  • New here? | North Canberra Baptist Church

    New Here? We'd love for you to join us on Sunday morning at 10:00am. ​ There's plenty of free parking available here at the church, or we are a short stroll from the Canberra Light Rail (alight at the Ipima Street stop and walk along Condamine Street. The church is about 400 metres down on your left). Check the Transport Canberra website for timetables. ​ Our church service usually runs for about 1-1.5 hours, where we worship God together through music, prayer, bible readings and hearing a message from God's word. ​ During the service, we usually collect an offering. This is an opportunity for our congregation to contribute financially to the church, our ministries and ongoing costs. As a guest, feel free to allow the collection bag to pass you by, however you are welcome to contribute if you wish. ​ On the first Sunday of the month, we share the Communion during the service, and host a bring-and-share lunch after the service, to which all are welcome. ​ We have a Sunday School ministry for primary school aged children, and a creche for pre-primary children, which run during the service. ​ We do not have a dress code here at North Canberra Baptist - just wear what you are comfortable in! ​ After church we are we would love to get to know you over a cup of tea or coffee, so please stick around for a chat! ​

  • Our History | North Canberra Baptist Church

    Our History North Canberra Baptist Church was the second Baptist Church established in Canberra, and was a church plant from the Canberra Baptist Church at Kingston (est. 1929) in 1953. The first church service was held in the Turner Primary School on 3 December 1953. The current building was opened on Saturday 23 October 1954 by the Rev. Dr. F. Townley-Lord, President of the Baptist World Alliance and minister of Bloomsbury Central Church in London, England. ​ Ministers of North Canberra Baptist Church 1955 – Present Rev. E.F. Heather, 9 January 1955 – 26 January 1958 Rev. I.F. Kilvert, 8 February 1958 – 4 June 1961 Interim Ministry: (June 1961 – August 1962) – sermons delivered by various ministers and church members including Rev. George H. Morling. Rev. R.T. Farquhar, 19 August 1962 – January 1967 Rev. John R. Strugnell, 30 July 1967 – 25 November 1970 Rev. David A. Tinsley, 6 February 1971 – January 1975 Rev. R.D. Ellem – Interim Pastorate (1975) Rev. Laurie Fischer, 31 August 1975 – January 1982 Rev. Bob Boyce, 6 January 1983 – September 1984 Interim Ministry: (1985) Deaconess Jennifer Coleman Rev. Ian W. Minto, 22 Dec 1985 – June 2002 Interim Ministry: July 2002 – January 2003 Rev. Murray Neill, 19 January 2003 – 2007 Rev. Noel Coleman – Interim Ministry (2007-2008) Rev. John Bracht, 6 July 2008 – 15 December 2013 Rev. Dr. David Griffin, 2 February 2014 - 27 January 2019 Rev. Peter Jones - Interim Ministry - 31 March 2019 - 23 February 2020 Ps Rob Horne - 3 August 2020 to Present ​ ​

  • Christmas events | NCBC

    Join us for our annual carols on the lawn! Community event on Saturday 9th December at 5pm! 17 Condamine St, Turner On the day we will have: Free BBQ Live sing-along carols Kids entertainment Christmas message Some seating provided, BYO picnic rug To know Christ, and make him known To know Christ, and make him known To know Christ, and make him known Other Christmas Season Events? See below 10 & 17 December: Sunday Advent services at 10am and 5pm 24 December: Sunday Advent service at 10am, followed by free community lunch, and Twilight Song Service 8:30pm-9:30pm 25 December: Christmas Day service 10am-11:30am

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